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1 Apr 2010

Spirit Guide

Angels And Spirit Guides Are Unique Too

A lot of information has been produced in recent years about angels, spirit guides and ascended masters and more and more people are calling upon them for help in dealing with the challenges of life. The information that is surfacing about these other-worldly beings is the result of intensive study into ancient texts that are thousands of years old.

Furthermore, normal people are increasingly experiencing paranormal or supernatural events as they live their daily lives. This is happening across the globe, in the lives of all sorts of different people whether they live in cities or towns, the countryside or even on the streets.

People who have personally witnessed the presence of supernatural beings or have experienced paranormal events have different educational levels, occupations and ages. They include men and women, girls and boys. Interestingly, they represent all faiths and religious groups as well as people who are not involved with any formal church or spiritual fellowship. Some of these people have explored their experiences in articles and even books.

However, the vast majority of those who have had these amazing experiences have not described them formally in writing at all. They just keep living their normal, everyday lives, but have incorporated the supernatural quietly by seeking direction from spirit guides, ascended masters and archangels.

These beings are not experienced in the same way by different people. Sometimes they appear as visions, sometimes they simply speak and at other times they are felt as a presence. However, their presence is detected, the people they connect with have very interesting stories to tell.

We are gaining more understanding over time about how these beings operate. For example, we now know that archangels, ascended masters and spirit guides have specific expertise and areas of specialty. Archangel Michael, for example, is charged with helping us overcome fear both individually and as a whole.

To better understand how to relate to and cooperate with spiritual beings, we can seek the guidance of Archangel Metatron who also specializes in helping children. To create more beautiful lives we can turn to Archangel Jophiel and if we are seeking solutions to health problems, Archangel Haniel can guide us to create the appropriate healing remedies.

If you desire to understand your life purpose, Archangel Chamuel is the one to turn to along with Archangel Michael, Saint Francis or Saint-Germain. Surprisingly, we can even get help to fix mechanical parts from Archangel Michael or Apollo. For grief and loss we can turn to Archangel Azrael for comfort and healing.

Down through the ages, these amazing, extraordinary experiences have also been very natural. However, the supernatural experiences and contacts with other-worldly beings that have occurred throughout our human history are still mind blowing to human beings. Yet, our growing awareness of other beings, dimensions, and realities is finally beginning to be validated by quantum theory and the growing body of research in quantum physics.

When we realize that even spirit beings such as angels, spirit guides and ascended masters have special gifts and areas of specialty, we may be able to more easily accept and appreciate what we can uniquely offer as human beings. We also have things in which we are particularly gifted.

The combination of unique talents and interests that we all possess indicate our life purpose. These important elements of who we are combine to create our personalities and develop into the motivations, desires and decisions that create our destinies. Understanding this, should help us become more patient and understanding of both ourselves and other people.

Kevin Sinclair
Kevin Sinclair is the publisher and editor of My-Personal-Growth.com, a site that provides information and articles for self improvement and personal growth and development.

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Spirit Guide

Spirit Guide

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Spirit Guides: Contact Your Spirit Guides & Explore the Spirit World! (Spirits, Spirit Guides, Spirit World, Angels, Channelling, Mediumship)

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